You know how they say,
“perempuan itu hiasan dunia”
which immediately implies
women aren’t supposed to do
anything but make this world pretty?
Like an art piece; having its presence
in the vicinity would immediately add
value to its surroundings
without it having to do anything.

Art isn’t supposed to talk.
Art isn’t supposed to ask for things.
Art isn’t supposed to do anything.

A better example is to equate a woman to a flower,
something that grows in nature and whose beauty would remind you of God.

Relatively, it makes sense why men pick multiple flowers to make a bouquet for themselves;
you know, bouquets with a maximum capacity of four, braiding flower crowns for the head of their cocks.

The last prophet of Islam practised polygamy too so it’s fine y’know?
But realise that men of this time cherry-pick the parts of religion to satisfy their own desires;
realise that by agreeing you are a piece of decoration then you are in fact limiting your value into that of an object.

The prophet didn’t just practice polygamy; he married widows and his first wife was forty-years old;
whereas men now would prefer younger, and delicate wives, and have the audacity to ask for virgins only.
That’s why child marriage is still legal in this country because the younger they are,
the tighter they’ll be and the less they’d fight back.

Muslim men in this country choose to pick as many flowers as they want even though they can’t afford to hold them,
can’t afford to buy a vase or water them every day but likes how the flower looks, how soft her petals feel.

‘Run away with me,’ he says, ‘we’ll get married beyond the border so we don’t have to answer their questions.’
How romantic. And the flowers let these men hold them with hands unwashed, hands undeserving, hands greedy
and perverted and corrupted—

Muslim men will tell you not to question God and His teachings,
but realise that muslim men don’t ask God, they play God.

Realise that this is not what God would have wanted for strong women.
God did not create religion for us to pretend that life is an illusion, that every hardship is for us to grow more patient.
Religion was not created so we can dismiss domestic abuse, dismiss rape, dismiss mansplaining and dismiss disrespect.

Realise, that the men in power hold the key to influence in our religion,
and that that key has been passed down from man to man to man,
and that they have left no room for women to have a say all this time.

Isn’t it funny? How they say women are more emotionally charged,
and we shouldn’t put them in power because they’ll rule based on how they feel,
and yet men can rule and maintain the audacity to cater a woman’s dressing according to what his loins feel?
Watch them wash our blood off their hands with watered-down teachings of ancient Islamic patriarchy.

To my muslim women,
When was the last time you talked to a muslim malay boy
and he left enough room for you to feel comfortable in the conversation?
When was the last time you sat with the boys
and felt the need to be pretty or endearing
enough to keep their attention?
When was the last time you felt the need to change? Or be attractive?

I’m not talking about the boys who harbour good intentions
I’m talking about the boys whose moral compasses
have been tuned to the ‘bros before hoes’ code
Whose conversations about women would consist of shit like
“pancut luar ah selamat”, and would never go buy a packet
of sanitary pads for their sisters.
Those boys who never grow up.

And of course, there are always those kinds of boys in every corner of this planet
but here they will put the blame on your shoulders and call it a ‘test from God’

Ladies, please know that this is rape culture;
that this is our culture.

That all those jokes about naik motor sama-sama
and janji tak mengandung is just him,
and his desire, his wants, his fantasies,
and there is no you.

There is no you in the picture.

Just a body, all flesh, a vague face, an open mouth, and open legs;
you are decoration.

Realise, that you deserve better.
And this is objectification.

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